60 to 1 Impact

Every dollar invested in Ideal Impact produces $60 in savings for our clients.

invest for impact

Ideal Impact provides opportunities to invest through subordinate debt to finance projects. Qualified note holders are also eligible to purchase equity as it becomes available. Beyond this financial return, investments in Ideal Impact produce social, spiritual, and environmental returns as well:

  • Over $338M for over 100 School Districts created to date.

  • Over $932M for over 650 Christian Ministries created to date.

  • Electric savings to date equivalent to not burning over 500 M lbs. of coal

With the amount of money saved in 2018 alone, SISD could choose to increase 2 additional teaching positions. That is significant savings.
— Dr. Tory C. Hill, Superintendent, Sweeny ISD

Who invests in ideal impact?


Ideal Impact borrows capital on promissory notes from accredited investors who want to make a difference in the world.

Family Offices
and Foundations

Many family offices and foundations invest in Ideal Impact for a solid return, long-term equity growth, and positive social results.

Individual Retirement Accounts

A number of Ideal Impact's investors hold their promissory notes and common stock in self-directed IRAs. Don't have a self-directed IRA? We will help you set it up and recommend excellent IRA trustees.


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