Faithfully Serving Christian Ministries

Over 600 ministries partner with Ideal Impact. Our heart is to see these ministries thrive and better accomplish their mission by moving operating/overhead dollars into frontline ministry and impact dollars.

Our Heart for Ministry

Our organization began with a heart for christian ministries. As members of churches and supporters of ministries across Texas, we saw a need for sustainable revenue streams to help fund the mission of these great organizations. Early on, we considered establishing a non-profit to perform this work. However, he quickly found two obstacles: first, we would be competing for funding with the very organizations we are trying to help; second, our management team has much more extensive experience running profitable businesses than non-profit organizations. The creative solution was to take the skills honed through years of corporate experience, collectively more than 140 years for our leadership team, and establish a business that partners with ministries and is paid based on performance. It’s a no-risk value proposition for our clients.

Unparalleled Model

Our core team has worked with corporate organizations around the world. We bring that expertise and experience to you with the sole purpose of seeing your ministry and mission thrive! Distinguishing features

  • No financial risk

  • Short term projects targeted at sustainable results

  • Implementation is completely funded with savings

  • Free, non-binding evaluation to see how we can help

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