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An organization is only as good as its people...and we know we have some great people! Every employee has a steward’s heart and a passion for making a difference. We have an exciting culture that promotes opportunity and growth for each employee individually and as an organization.

With 110 employees in our DFW, Austin, and Houston offices, we are able to be involved in each others lives and push each other towards personal and professional growth. We celebrate birthdays, growing families, promotions, and personal milestones! We’ve found that the more we encourage and lift each other up, the better we can make a positive impact on those we serve.

An environment of exciting opportunities for individual growth

Ideal Impact has a unique, best-in-class approach to employee development, dedicating significant time and resources to move people along a clear path of developmental wins. As people advance, we become a stronger and more effective team who can better serve our clients. Some elements of these development plans include:

  • Six internal certifications for increased industry knowledge

  • Unique advancement plan based on knowledge, abilities, skills and results

  • Self-paced growth

See what our great people are saying about working at Ideal Impact…

Ideal Impact equips their employees to live a life of service and excellence.
Ideal Impact combines business with ministry – which makes for a great, Christ-centered career!
Ideal Impact is a family to me. I have grown so much as an individual and have found coworkers and friends who lift me up, encourage me and challenge me to be better.
Seeing the impact my work has on the lives of children in Texas schools is why I come to work every day! I hear stories every week of how the partnership with Ideal Impact has helped schools give teachers raises, buy textbooks for the students, or buy a new school bus. And I get to be a part of that!

Do you have a passion to help Texas school districts and ministries further their great missions?

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